Announcing the New Online Home of RPM Desert Cities Properties

Developing innovative and affordable management solutions for property owners in the Palm Springs area has always been our prime focus at RPM Desert Cities. Today, we are excited today to announce yet a new tool in our aim to be the best property management group in all of Southern California. Introducing our brand new website, which features a myriad of resources that will allow our clients to better connect us, manage their portfolios, and find renters faster than ever.

Engaging Users through Dedicated Portals

RPM Desert Cities understands the importance of immediate accessibility for our clients and tenants. When something goes wrong, we respond as quickly as possible to get the problem resolved. Our dedicated tenant and owner portals have streamlined the process even further, making it possible to reach our talented staff around the clock with the simple click of your mouse. Not only do these portals make it possible to make contact with our team, but they also allow you to request expense reports, update contact details, and monitor your account.

Reaching New Tenants

Finding the right tenants has long been a huge challenge for property owners, but our intuitive listings portal makes it easy for great renters to find your vacancies. We keep our database updated with the latest information, photographs, and pricing details, and tenants can even submit an application directly online. This allows us to screen tenants faster than ever before, securing a great new resident for your home and stabilizing your rental income immediately. It’s a win-win!

Providing Comprehensive, Up-Front Information

We understand the intimacy shared between property owners and the management groups they partner with. At RPM Desert Cities, we want every client and prospective customer to have access to the latest information about our company. We don’t try to hide our pricing structure or keep important details flying under the radar. What you see at RPM Desert Cities is what you get and our site reflects that! Learn more about our company, discover our pricing offers, and make an appointment to learn how we can help you run a more efficient rental.

The launch of our new site marks yet another milestone for RPM Desert Cities, as we strive to bring our clients a truly unparalleled customer experience. Have a look around and enjoy yourself, and be certain to get in touch with us if you have any questions! We look forward to continuing to serve the Palm Springs region with the integrity and attention to detail that have always defined our property management strategy and made us one of the premier real estate groups in the area.